Partnering With Zook's Orchard

At Zook's Orchard we strongly believe in teamwork and working together with others who share our values and objectives.  Working together we can achieve so much more than working alone.  We support our local community, New Market, Alabama.  New Market is a great place to live and we support any organization that works to improve the community.  We also support other businesses that promote natural healthy eating and food production as well as wildlife habitat conservation.  If your organization or business shares our same values and complements what we are doing at Zook's Orchard we would love to consider partnering with you!  Just contact us!

Zook's Orchard has partnered with the following organizations.  Click on their logo or website for more information.

Rachel Brown RD, CDE is the name behind Rocket City Dietitian. She is a Registered Dietitian & Certified Diabetes Educator who moved to Huntsville from Nashville in 2016 with her two young children, red standard poodle and husband. She is passionate about food, nutriton and diabetes education and advocacy as her husband has Type 1 Diabetes. You can follow her foodie finds and local Huntsville adventures through her website: 
Instagram: @rocketcitydietitian 
You can also read her latest articles for
Friends of New Market is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is aimed specifically at our local next-generation children and their families.  We are motivated by God and by what He has done for us in our lives, to do our part to
share the Gospel, improve the emotional well-being of families, to enlarge the social capital of our community, and to enhance the cognitive patterns and capacities resident in New Market families.