Zook's Orchard has six of the most popular southern rabbiteye blueberry varieties.  We carefully selected these varieties for their quality, taste, cross-pollinaztion with other varieties, and to ensure that we will have ripening berries from early June to around mid July.  We provide buckets and plastic liner bags so when you are done picking we weigh your berries in the plastic liner bag and off you go with your bags of berries.  Please keep in mind that our blueberry plants are now going on 4 years old and so, while they will have a good amount of berries to pick in 2018, we are expecting much more out of them with each passing year.  Our varieties are:

Blueberry Recipes!
Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy Zook's Orchard blueberries.
Right Now In The Blueberry Patch...

Our blueberry bushes have been totally picked for the season and so it is now time for them to grow some more, develop lots of buds for next season, get through the winter, and start the berry production all over again!